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A Place Like No Other

A Place Like No Other

Community Overview

Plantation Harbor consists of approximately 115 platted lots on about 200 acres.  The lot sizes range from ½ acre to 5+ acres with residences ranging from modest to a million dollars. Additionally, there is another 200 acres that are undeveloped that could lead to future growth. The finances of the community are conservatively managed. Since the establishment of PHPOA, no additional assessments have been made. Maintenance of the community has been on current income and reserves that have been established to handle large projects.


The community is a close knit one where everyone knows everyone. The residents are a mix of professionals and small business owners that work at MCAS Cherry Point and in Havelock, Morehead City and New Bern. The other large contingent of residents are retirees, many are military that came to love the area while flying out of Cherry Point.


In addition to the individual social activities, the community social committee has three sponsored activities. We celebrate the wearing of the green and consumption of corn beef and cabbage for our St. Patrick’s Day gathering; the Fourth of July party (big fun for kids and grandkids) and the Christmas Dinner which also has a “yankee swap” gift exchange which always brings big laughs.


Plantation Harbor is a community offering opportunities for all types of lifestyles.  Walking, boating, fishing jogging, swimming or just enjoying life from your front porch------Plantation Harbor offers it all.

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